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Cheap Truck Tyres

cheap truck tyres

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1977 Dodge

1977 Dodge

My old Truck.slant 6 auto.rust.
Note: 5/3/11. I recently joined some HDR groups that want us to state our process and number of exposures.
To say I’m new to HDR is a understatement, Until January of this year I had not even heard of it.
My Process: Most are the basic 3 bracket exposures. some that I think that will turn out really well I take7 to 10 brackets. But that does not mean I will use all the frames I shoot. so when It comes time to post I am unsure of how many I finally decided to use. I use Photomatix.and whatever free trial Photoshop I have at the time. Currently I’m using PS 9 Elements and I think it’s the one I’m going to purchase. It has all I will ever need. most PS programs have way more than anyone needs. And its much cheaper.(I’m broke)

Burgers after the ride - 1967

Burgers after the ride - 1967

A fine example of the way bikes were transported back then - just lean them against old tires on the side of the truck bed.

In large size, you might be able to read the menu - prices sure were cheap then.

My dad thinks this might have been taken in Oakhurst, CA, after an enduro ride near there.

cheap truck tyres

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